Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Feature: Remarkably Simple Habits

Ah, a day off. A day in the middle of the week all to myself means skipping the schedule and meandering through the day, right?

Not if I'm smart.

When I read Peter Economy's article, "5 Remarkably Simple Daily Habits that will Change Your Life," I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was doing (almost) all of them. True, my vacation day schedule looks quite a bit different from my work day schedule, but each begins with the same routine -- and with a list. From there, some meandering definitely takes place, but sticking to some semblance of structure -- albeit a loose one -- really does make the day more productive and more relaxing.

Although I have to work on what I'm staying hydrated with (more water, less caffeine) and I will never be a "wake up early" kind of girl, according to this article, I'm on the right track to changing my life.

Or at least keeping things running smoothly.

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