Monday, October 16, 2017

Thanks, Mom

Last weekend, I went to visit my dad. It was the beginning of my fall break and so, for the first time since Labor Day, I could actually make an overnight visit and just hang out instead of making a quick day trip. We shared a meal at his favorite diner and just hung out watching TV and chatting on Friday night. It was quiet and comfortable, and I was glad I was there.

After he went to bed (long before my night owl bedtime arrived), I pulled out my laptop to work on a piece due this week. It had been a long week and I was drawing a big blank. I pulled out the rough draft I'd started, and discovered I had no interest in finishing it.

So I went into the living room for a little Momspiration.

It was kind of silly because I'd spent the evening sitting in my mom's chair in the TV room, but for a number of reasons (including the furniture I was sitting on), the living room feels like the Mom Zone.
I pulled out my list of potential topics and chose one that inspired me a bit more than my initial draft.

And the words came.

Maybe it was me, maybe it was her, maybe it was the two of us together. Maybe it was the furniture. Whatever it was, I created a decent first draft in under half an hour.

Yeah. It was her. Sitting with me, having my back, and having faith that, deadline or no deadline, I had this. Just like always.

Thanks, Mom. I miss you, but clearly, I still know where to find you when I need you.

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