Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Another Q & A, Inspired by Facebook

Sometimes blog ideas come from the strangest places. Last night, as I was scrolling through Facebook posts, I kept finding memes and questions. So, I decided to cull a few and have my characters respond to them.

#1: Answer the question at left.
Angel: #2.
Bets: #2.
Marita: #3.
Charli: #1.

#2: Name a food you can eat five times a week and still enjoy. 
Angel: Definitely not marshmallows! Scrambled eggs.
Bets: Pizza.
Marita: Pizza.
Charli: Pizza.

#3: Everyone who knows me knows I love _____________.
Angel: My husband.
Bets: Theatre!
Marita: Shoes.
Charli: My mom.

#4: Airplane or train?
Angel: Train.
Bets: Cruise!
Marita: Whichever one gets me where I want to go.
Charli: I've never been on either. I think a train would be less scary.

#5: Chocolate or vanilla? 
Angel: Chocolate.
Bets: Chocolate if it's alone, vanilla if it's in a sundae or a root beer float.
Marita: Chocolate.
Charli: Both.

#6: What's your happiest time of day?
Angel: Early in the morning.
Bets: After midnight.
Marita: After work.
Charli: Depends on the day.

#7: What's your favorite holiday?
Angel: Christmas.
Bets: Halloween.
Marita: Christmas.
Charli: Is my birthday a holiday?

What questions would you like to ask? Share in the comments below, and at the ladies will take a crack at them!

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