Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Partying Facebook Style

Yesterday, I celebrated Christmas in July on Facebook, talking with a fun group of ladies about my books, my blogs, my characters and even my Pinterest page. I knew a few of them, but most of them came to the party because they found it online or because they know Paige, who helped me keep things running. I got to meet new people, and they got to meet a new author. (If you missed the party, you can find the transcript here).

Today, I have a pile of packages to mail -- envelopes filled with books, Christmas socks and even a few beachy items in keeping with the theme. Over time, I've learned to choose prizes that are theme specific but won't require me to take out a loan to mail them to the lucky winners.

Although my usual procrastination prevails, I have fun getting ready for these parties. In fact, they play right into my wheelhouse. I don't have to clean my house (no one's coming here), I don't have to get dressed up (no one will even see me) and I don't have to cook (no one needs to be fed). And I can still debate the merits of unadulterated chocolate vs. chocolate and peanut butter, and hot chocolate with or without whipped cream and marshmallows.

Instead, I get to write a script (so I don't make a fool of myself by winging it), create graphics (something I love to do) and put together theme-related prizes (Shopping? Sign me up!) All of these tap into my creativity. They also take time, though, and sometimes, my work-in-progress takes a back seat.

For the author, the best part of one of these parties is the opportunity to interact with readers and get to know new people (and potential new readers). Guests get a chance to meet an author in a low-stakes environment; in my mind, if the Facebook party is done well, the author stirs up interest in his or her work, but doesn't engage in a hard sell. I had just as much fun talking about food and holiday traditions yesterday as I did talking about my writing and my characters.

Although I'm happy to have a quiet day today to get caught up, I'm really glad I spent yesterday afternoon in the company of readers. I can only hope that my guests enjoyed the party as much as I did.

If you have the opportunity to go to an author's Facebook party, check it out! It might be more fun than you expect, and I'm pretty sure that simple act will make an author's day.

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