Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Feature: Mindfulness, Dan Bova and Blue Lobsters

Standing in line at CVS, I fell prey to a last minute purchase. I've been immersing myself in positive psychology out of both personal and professional interest and, when I saw the Mindfulness magazine, I had to get it.

I've been reading it slowly, so I could savor it (it's more interesting than the journal article I'm reading for class). The other day, I read Dan Bova's laugh-out-loud piece about trying to become a morning person and I really, really wanted to share it, but I couldn't find a digital version. So I searched Dan Bova online and I'm sharing his blue lobster piece instead.

Photo: Time Shop

The two articles are completely unrelated, connected only by their author. But, when I find an author whose voice I like, I want to read more.

Even if they write about crustaceans.

Meanwhile, my impulse buy is pictured on the right. Just in time for summer, it has good articles about slowing down and savoring everything from moments to food to life.

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