Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer Writing, Gonna Have Me a Blast

Photo: ulleo via Pixabay
When I first started writing, it was easy to focus. I'd have one piece in progress -- first articles, then, later, books -- and when I had time to write, that was where I'd focus my attention.

Over time, things became more complicated. It seemed that the less time I had to write, the more ideas I had to put on the page. And, when I sat down to work one thing, another one would pop up.

It's a good problem to have. Still, it can be a challenge to corral all these characters and ideas, and give each his or her due. You've heard the phrase, "it's like herding cats"?

Yeah. That.

And that is just where I find myself right now. The summer is just beginning and I have time to devote to my cats, er, characters, each of whom is clamoring for attention.

So, I did what any parent would do. I chose a favorite.

Just kidding.

I did what any writer would do. I prioritized.

And now I'm going public, because I hope that will keep me honest.

  • Project #1 is a novel with a new cast of characters. Over the past year, with the help of my critique group, I've been tightening and revising and I am within twelve chapters of finishing this stage of the project, which gives it front burner status.
  • Project #3 is the third Marita/Angel/Charli book, for which I just might have come up with a title when I couldn't sleep last Friday night. We'll have to see if it sounds as good in the light of day as it did at 3 am. I promise new twists and developments...which is why it's taking me so long.
There's other stuff, too, but three major projects sounds like a full summer, so I'm going to let the others duke it out in the background. 

Meanwhile, if you have ideas about Marita, Angel and Charli (besides killing off Jim), please share them. One innocent reader comment sparked a plot twist that surprised even me. The characters are really taking over in this one, and Bets isn't the only one who's opinionated. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some writing to do. 


  1. Wheeeeee! I can't wait to see what happens with ALL of these projects! :)
    PLOT TWIST in book 3 of the Marita series?!!!!!

  2. I think so -- it surprised me, anyway! I might be asking for your beta reader services for one of the other projects....