Monday, April 10, 2017

Porch Writing

Photo: Society of St. Vincent de Paul
We spent last weekend at the beach. This time last Friday, I had visions of sitting out on a screened-in porch (my favorite place in the world to write) and writing a post that began with, "I'm writing this post from a screened-in porch at the beach."

But it was too cold. 

I tried. Really I did. Out on the porch with my blanket wrapped around me. On more than one occasion.

Too cold. And too noisy.

We were at a different condo this time, and although it was lovely and the porch furniture was perfect, the HVAC unit was on the porch, too. Every time the heat kicked on, the compressor did, too, spoiling the ambience. 

So I worked inside. 

You didn't really think this was going to end with no writing, did you?

Well, if you did, you'd be right, in part. We had a wonderful weekend. I had a delicious crab sauté at a restaurant we'd never tried before. Breakfast out on Sunday. Grotto pizza, of course. We went to Palm Sunday Mass and I walked in the sand, which was silky and cool in some places and crunchy and warm in others. I even graded some papers and worked on a writing project that wasn't my novel because, if you time it right, work at the beach doesn't really feel like work

Photo: PurpleKatie via Pixabay
But no porch writing. Not this time.

While we were in town, we made reservations for a week in June at our usual place. We'll be in a different condo this time, too, but in the community where we usually stay. I'm looking forward (already) to all the things that made this beach trip wonderful -- the food, the ambience, the relaxed mood.

And there will be porch writing. 

Even if I still need my blanket.


  1. Sorry your porch dreams didn't work out! (And that's definitely something I'll be looking at for future vacation rentals--where's the AC unit? Not something you think to check out when you look at the photos of the place.)

  2. Ah, it's a first world problem! I got a lot done at the dining room table :-)