Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Feature: A Song for Rory

My friend Cerella has known she wanted to be a writer since she was ten years old. On Wednesday, she made this dream come true-- again--with the release of her fifth book, A Song for Rory

“Even winning Country Music Artist of the Year can’t help Sawyer Landry shake his guilt over leaving Rory Callahan behind. All the fame, fortune and fans he’s earned haven’t relieved his regret over the way he ditched her. But all that’s about to change. Because Sawyer has finally realized that everything is empty without Rory. And he’s returning to Findlay Roads to win her back. Hopefully.

But Sawyer has no idea how hard it’ll be. Rory’s not going to welcome him with open arms. And he’s about to discover a family secret that could ruin everything…”

Cerella's new book is part of the Harlequin Heartwarming line, books that "celebrate wholesome, heartfelt relationships" and center on things like home, family, community and love.

I'm really happy for Cerella, and I hope that if you're looking for something to read this weekend, you'll take a peek at A Song for Rory. 


  1. Thanks for the feature, Lisa! Our weekly writing meets are one of the things that make these books possible! :)

  2. My pleasure! I LOVE our weekly writing meetings! They keep me on track, too. :-)