Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dreams, Nightmares and Characters

Photo: lcarissimi via Pixabay
On Monday, I wrote about my weird dreams, so today, it seems only logical to share my characters' dreams. 

So, without further ado, here are my characters' wildest dreams, fondest wishes and/or fearsome nightmares.

Marita wishes for a happy, healthy future for Charli. "I want her to be well-adjusted and not damaged by all of the craziness around her." And for herself? "A life like Angel's -- husband, home and family -- only with someone a lot better than Jim."

Angel feels as though she's living her dream, but "wishes that Jim and my father would find away to enjoy each other's company."

Charli dreams of growing up and traveling to other countries. "It's not that I don't love my family. I just wonder what life is like in other places."

Bets dreams of being discovered and winning an Oscar. "My gown would be fabulous and I'd thank Trevor and Ri-Ri -- who'd be sitting in the front row because I'm that important -- and at the after parties, directors would slip their business cards into my hand." Her nightmare? "Ri-Ri married to Jim and transformed into a church lady like her mother."

Anna dreams of starring in her own music video by the time she's twenty-five. "Then I'll still have time to get married and have a family."

And Jim? He wants Spencer and Angel to have all they've ever wanted, and for Spencer's life "just to be normal. No fighting parents, no running from house to house. Just a God-fearing, comfortable upbringing, like the one my father created for my mother, my sisters and me."

What do you think? Should they be careful what they wish for?