Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Feature: Time Retirement?

When you think of retirement, what comes to mind? No more alarm clocks? Sailing around the world? Pursuing a hobby, or maybe even a new career?

I'm betting that time management doesn't even crack the top ten.

But, when you think of it, what could be more important when you suddenly find yourself with more leisure time to manage?

As it turns out, those who manage their time are happier in retirement than those who don't. I'm not talking about checklists and daily schedules, here -- more like a flexible set of goals and wishful to-dos. Kind of like the way parents are encouraged to look at a toddler's diet -- a week-in-view big picture rather than a day-by-day line item assessment.

Actually, this makes quite a bit of sense. By the time we retire, it's been decades since we've had hours of free time to play with every day, so it's only logical that it might take some time and practice to find a new balance.

So go ahead. Make those retirement plans. And, while you're at it, make that bucket list, too.

You're going to want to have some things to put on your calendar.

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