Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Feature: Successful Starts

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I always enjoy reading about the habits of successful people. Sometimes, I even find that I'm already following a few of the suggestions in the articles.

What's fun about this piece in Entrepreneur -- besides its slide show format -- is that it includes links to the businesses of and apps recommended by the leaders it features. Even better, the diversity of the ways in which each entrepreneur begins his or her day makes it clear there's no one pathway to a successful day.

Now if only there was more than one woman represented.

Baby steps.


  1. Hm. More than half meditate. None of them pray.
    Do you think it's the sample of people chosen ("luck of the draw"), or an intentional move on the part of Entrepreneur, or a reluctance on the part of people to admit to some religious affiliation?
    I worry more about that than I do about whether more than one women was listed in the article (which, just like my question, could be a function of "who bothered to answer the survey" more than anything else.)

  2. Interesting observation. I was so taken by the lack of "one size fits all" (and the guy who slept in as late as possible, 'cause you NEVER see that!) that I completely missed that. As for the cause, I think you bring up some good possibilities. I also wonder if women "admit" to praying more readily than men (especially men in positions of power) do. Hmm....