Wednesday, August 24, 2016

6 Questions from the Porch Swing for Gwen Anders and Rebecca Peters

Some secondary characters are well-drawn; others blur together. With limited time on the page, they don’t get much of an opportunity to tell us who they are. At Bible study meetings, Gwen and Rebecca don’t really sound much different, but in reality, they are, so I thought I’d put them on the porch swing together to answer the Bible study ladies’ questions.

Where will we find you when you’re not on the page of the book we’re reading?
Gwen: Volunteering at my daughter Alaina’s school or working on a project at home. I love sewing, knitting, crocheting and scrapbooking. Luckily my hobbies are quiet--my husband works at home, so I try to stay quietly productive during his business hours.

Rebecca: I like to keep busy. I work part time as a receptionist at an optician’s office, and, when I’m not working, I enjoy biking, swimming and going to the gym. In the evenings and on weekends, my husband and I enjoy trying different restaurants, and we try to plan at least one weekend getaway a month. 

What’s something we’d be surprised to know about you?
Gwen: I have a degree in English literature.
Rebecca: Wow! I did not know that! 
Gwen: You thought education, right? 
Rebecca: I did! I’ve always wanted to be a travel agent.
Gwen: You're so much more adventurous than I am!

What are your thoughts on children?
Gwen: I love them! I’d love to give Alaina a little brother or sister. 
Rebecca: I enjoy kids, but I haven’t been bitten by the baby bug just yet. 

What regrets do you have?
Gwen: Not a single one! I love my life!
Rebecca: I feel exactly the same way.

Whom do you admire? 
Gwen: My husband. He took a big chance starting his own business, and he's willing to work as hard as he has to to make it work.
Rebecca: Angel and Merrilee. Both of them are so sure of what they want from life.
Gwen: Aren't you?
Rebecca: In most aspects, yes. But when it comes to some things, I wish I were more decisive.

Whom do you think is the leader of the Bible study group? 
Gwen: No one. 
Rebecca:think each of us has something to offer in that respect.

So there you have it! All the ladies of the Bible study. Right now, I'm working on figuring out how they fit into the third Angel and Marita story, as yet unfinished and untitled!

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