Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Preserving Optimism in the Face of Reality
Ah, the "yes, but." Nothing sucks the joy out of an optimistic thought faster. But days off, especially in December, are riddled with them.

Luckily, as an incurable optimist (most days), I have my own retort -- the "True, but...still." Here, for example, is how the conversation (admittedly, sometimes among me, myself and I) goes:

Woo hoo! A day off in the middle of the week!

I don't have to set the alarm!
Yes, but, you stayed up until after 1. You have to set it if you have any hope of getting up at a reasonable hour.
True. But I still can sleep in.

I can take care of the things around the house that have been driving me crazy!
Yes, but, you'll never get everything done.
True. But I still can make progress.

I have the whole house to myself! Peace, quiet and no interruptions!
Yes, but, the phone will ring. Leah will come home for lunch. You'll have to do something about dinner.
True. But I still can get some peaceful stretches of work time in.

I can put a dent in the papers I have to grade! Read the manuscripts for my meeting tonight! Do some Christmas shopping!
Yes, but, seriously? You'll never get all of that done.
True. But I still can get some of it done..

I can turn on all the indoor Christmas lights and have Christmas mood lighting!
Yes, but.....
No yes, but. Just yes.

Every once in a while, unfazed by the pessimist and the realist, the optimist wins.

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