Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Share: What's in Your Trunk?

Yes, I am a Thirty-One consultant.
No, the trunk of my car does not look like this...yet.

No, this is not a regular feature! Between this blog, Organizing by STYLE and my contributions at, I'm already blogging most days each week, and sometimes having a little trouble accomplishing that.

But, when my friend and fellow blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz "piggybacked" (her word) on last Wednesday's post ("3 Things You'll Find in My Car...But Not My Husband's"), I had to share her post here.

How about you? What sets the contents of your car apart from your spouse's/sibling's/roommate's?


  1. So I just asked Hubs if he would like to share 3 things that are in his car, but not in mine. His answer: "I don't have ANYTHING in my car." He actually got a new car this summer, so I just reminded him that he probably doesn't even have an ice scraper in there.

  2. I wrote the blog notes on an old Tanger outlet coupon I found in my husband's glove compartment with a pen I had in my wallet. I suspect your husband's car and my husband's car are have very similar interiors!

    One of these days, I'll be able to successfully comment on your posts! I've tried on several occasions, but Word Press and I do not get along. :-( I really enjoy your blogs!

  3. Wordpress and blogger are in this continual battle with each other. If you use an alternate email address and don't fill in a website it should work.