Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday Special: What to do with the Junk in the Trunk...and Elsewhere

Photo: Orchid via Morguefile
Last week, I wrote about the junk in my car trunk (stop by tomorrow to read about the junk in another author's trunk :-) If I'm to be honest, there's good stuff in bags in other places in my house, too. Toys and clothes that haven't yet made it to the consignment store. Stuffed animals in good condition that my daughter has outgrown, but I don't know where to send.

And those empty amber prescription bottles.

I figured there had to be a place to recycle them, but had no idea where that might be, so when I found this list at Less is More Organizers, I had to share. Some of the information is specific to the Chicago area, but the stuffed animal information and the prescription bottle information works for anyone willing to clean donations and ship them.

I still haven't found a home for that decorative hat box... but I have a few ideas. I will get the junk out of my trunk!

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