Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Feature: Marketing Your Passion
When I told my colleagues that I was planning to retire, they were shocked -- mostly because I was about a decade younger than most people who make that decision. Once they got over their surprise, though, many of them asked me the same question.

"Are you going to write?"

Much as I loved being an elementary school counselor, my friends knew that writing is my passion. Yes, I procrastinate (wildly), yes, I get frustrated. But I can't imagine not writing.

When I read Neil Patel's article, How to Take Your Passion to Market In 6 Easy Steps, so much of it sounded like the advice writers get about building a platform. But that makes perfect sense, because that's what platform is -- a way "to take your passion to market."

What's your passion? Ever thought about taking it to market?

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