Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Talking Myself into It

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It's funny how writing about organization has influenced my own home and behavior. As I look around my house, I still see plenty to do -- plenty of clutter to be sorted, diminished and stored, plenty of spaces to attack and improve upon -- but I also see the fruits of my bit-by-bit, one baby-step-at-a-time labor.

I noticed it most -- the good stuff, that is -- when we returned home after almost a week away. I walked into my living room after a long car ride home from Boston, and saw floor. It's not that my living room floor is usually buried, (even at its worst), but I'm definitely guilty of a "nest" beside the sofa in the spot where I sit. Writing and teaching are both paper intensive tasks. Add reading for business and pleasure, and sometimes, the pile-up gets out of hand.

But it was gone. And little by little, other messes have been disappearing too. My house has a long way to go before it's ready for its close-up, but the power of suggestion has definitely inspired improvement. A baby step here and a baby step there started a march toward order.

Still, this is not a permanent state of affairs. This week, I'm teaching a class, and so within 24 hours of the "ahh" inspired by my living room floor, I'd wreaked havoc on my office -- my beautiful office that had only recently begun to take shape. Why? Because I needed to dig out materials that I hadn't used since I taught the class last year.

And so, for the better part of a week, I cringed every time I picked my way through the tiny space that I'd made even tinier by a pile-up of bins and notebooks. I hated it, but there was no sense putting everything back until I was sure I was finished. Furthermore, since it was already out, it only made sense to reassess it and see if any streamlining was possible.
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Indeed it was. Last night, I sorted through not only the pile I'd created on purpose, but also the accumulated materials in the vicinity. And I downsized. About one third of the papers made their way to the trash or the recycling bin, and when I put things back, the office looked better than it had before. That particular space looked better than it has in a very long time.

Sometimes, talk is just that -- talk. But sometimes, it's thinking out loud.

And sometimes, it's the beginning of a plan.

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