Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Special: Recapturing Time
As someone in perpetual organization mode who also writes about organization, I'm a sucker for any title that promises de-cluttering assistance. And when I see the word "clutter" in a title, my mind immediately goes to the physical stuff that creates a barrier between me and an organized life.

But in today's fantastic and optimistic article (Eleven Ways to De-Clutter Your Day), Jeff Haden offers tips on reclaiming an all-too-precious commodity: time. Even better, he makes it sound easy. I can just feel the extra minutes returning to me.

I'm planning on printing this piece out and using it as a sort of checklist (though I don't think he'd approve of that plan, based on tip #5). That way, I can pick one idea each week, chipping away at the list and recapturing lost minutes as I check the relevant items off my list.

How about you? Where will you start?

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