Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Special: One Blogger's Challenge
When I started writing these Saturday Special posts, my intention was to bring in the experts, so to speak. But as I went in search of resources that complemented the things I was posting, I started finding things that were both fun and challenging -- like this week's post.

Part of getting organized is separating things that are worth keeping from things that aren't. Toward that end, blogger Jacqueline Damian took on the 30-Day Declutter Challenge, a progressive decluttering campaign that the "I love stuff" Damian admits started easy and became more, well, challenging.

I think this may be worth a shot at my house. Who else is in?


  1. I am all about reorganizing, cleaning and purging but I don't think I could do that numerical challenge.

  2. Not sure I can either, Barb. I tried the 40 bags in 40 days challenge during Lent last year and made some progress, but it was way past Lent before I got to 40 bags. I'm thinking of trying this one to see how far I get.