Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Freebie: What I'm Reading in Ten Minutes or Less: Naps

One of the advantages of having a non-traditional work schedule is having the ability to follow my body clock. If I need to crash in the afternoon (and I often do), I'm at liberty to do so. I used to feel a little guilty about it, until I realized that a quick nap in the afternoon often means I get a second wind and am able to concentrate better in the evenings.

And that got me thinking, and sent me in search of today's topic: naps. One of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt, compiled a lot of the information I found in other places into one brief, well-organized blog post.

Is he pro or con? Find a comfy spot (don't forget your blanket), curl up with his blog and see for yourself.

Have a relaxing weekend.

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