Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Special: Book Signings at the Beach

We didn't take many pictures at my beach book signings, but since I promised to share some, I wanted to include a couple here.
Outside Browseabout Books in
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Inside Browseabout. Wasn't sure about
the location of the table, but
it ended up being in a perfect spot.

My favorite photo, however, was a pose of me with a young lady named Maggie, who, at twelve, already identifies herself as a writer. It was a great picture, but, as my husband pointed out, Maggie is twelve, so I have no right to share her picture here. Picture or no picture, I hope Maggie knows her exuberance was one of the most fun things about the signing at Browseabout Books.

At Bethany Beach Books
with my dear friend, Ginny.
I had some wonderful conversations at my beach book signings, and I hope to re-connect with a few of those folks here or on Facebook.

And, as always, I learned a few things:

  1. It pays to say hello to everyone. You never know who might be interested.
  2. It's possible to sell books simply by striking up a conversation.
  3. Having a stack (or two) of books on the table is more welcoming than having just a display copy. 
  4. A tee shirt with my book's cover on it really is a conversation facilitator -- even if it's not a fashion statement :-)

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