Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Freebie: What I'm Reading in Ten Minutes or Less: Pinterest Boards for Book Lovers

It's the first week of the semester and time is tight….but I'm having too much fun with this Friday feature to abandon it, so it seemed like a good week for something visual.

One of my daughter's favorite books
when she was little.

I first heard about Pinterest from an agent who thought it was important for her authors to have a presence there. I tend to Pinterest binge -- which is not, I'm told, the way to do things if you're using the site as part of an author platform -- but which seems to be exactly the way my friends on Pinterest do things.

So this morning, when I stumbled across the link for "The Best Pinterest Boards for Bookish Types" on Twitter, I knew I'd found not only my next Pinterest binge, but my Friday Freebie as well.

Happy Pinning! And have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! And finally, if you find a board you really like, please post it in the comments below so we can visit, too.

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