Monday, June 23, 2014

Beach Brain

We returned home last night from a lovely weekend at the beach. The pace was relaxed. The weather was (mostly) gorgeous -- perfect for sitting on the beach under the umbrella with a book or a notebook in my lap. We read, we shopped, we relaxed, we ate out and then last night, we came home, listening to the USA vs. Portugal World Cup match on the radio.

And today? Today is a stack of papers someone tossed into the air. As they rain down around me, I ponder how many of them I need to attend to and how many of them I can get away with recycling. 

And it’s only a little after 10 AM.

We left earlier than planned last week, throwing everything together on a whim on Thursday night, leaving a skein of loose ends in our wake. Optimistic that I could tie them all up upon our return, I set them aside, but packed up my electronics so I could stay in touch with the real world (overrated as it may be) if necessary and do some long distance crocheting. Some was necessary, and as the day goes on, I’ll find out whether those skeins can be salvaged or if they’ve frayed completely.

I know things will settle down. The papers will land, and I will sort through them, along with the 18 loads of laundry we seem to have accumulated in 4 days. I know from past experience that while the volume of both the papers and the laundry appears overwhelming, appearances can be deceiving. Some of those papers will take but a minute to deal with and others can indeed be recycled. I just need to take a deep breath, sort and prioritize...while load #3 churns in the washing machine and load #2 tumbles in the dryer.

Was it worth it? Well, let me put it this way. If my husband came home from work and suggested we do it all again this weekend, I could be re-pack everything we’ve just unpacked and be ready in an hour….ish.

I mean, I'd have to at least take the laundry out of the dryer.

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