Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Extroverts and Word Count Wednesday

When my friend and fellow writer Gwen posted the introvert graphic on Facebook on Monday, she included this post:
Some day, I'm going to write "how to care for extroverts." Because we're just as misunderstood.
Facebook being Facebook, it was only a matter of minutes before someone posted the corresponding graphic.

And less than an hour after writing an entire blog about my introverted side on Monday, I read this one and thought, "Wow. All 10 of these are true!" (Perhaps this is why I fall prey to so many quizzes on Facebook…)

So apparently I'm an extrovert with a dash of introversion. Or, to tweak a line from my favorite movie, I'm the worst kind. I'm high maintenance but I think I'm low maintenance.

Nah. I harbor no such delusions. I know I'm high maintenance. Which actually has nothing to do with introversion and extroversion, and everything to do with my Jersey roots. Interestingly, Gwen is from Jersey too.

Since I lack the graphic design skills (and the time and desire) to create a corresponding high maintenance/low maintenance/introvert/extrovert graphic, I will settle for enjoying the two I've found this week and accepting the fact that neither is a perfect fit. Though I'm ten for ten on this one, I stand by my original assertion that even extroverts can have a dash of introvert lurking inside them.

But since today's blog is about extroverts, I'm going to offer up a little bit of #5. If you can tell me what movie my high maintenance/low maintenance quote (in italics above) came from, I'll enter you in a drawing for a small prize. Just post the name of the movie in the comments below. And if you're ten for ten on the introvert poster, and the thought of an unnamed (small) prize makes you nervous, keep in mind that I'm a writer who sells Thirty-One. It's a pretty safe bet that your prize will fall into one of those categories.

Oh -- this week's word count from the introverted extrovert: 2040. But it's early in the day, and I hope to add a few more in between errands -- or at least get the stuff I've scrawled in longhand in my notebook into a word processing program so those words will "count" next Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Introvert. That's me! And the "high maintenance" quote comes from "When Harry Met Sally." Love that movie too!

  2. "When Harry Met Sally" .. what kind of friend would I be if I didn't know that . .

  3. You are both right about the movie, of course. I will mail prizes next week! Two friends with the right answer -- how could I choose? ;-)

    Thanks for reading!