Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days - Bragging Rights!

In addition to writing about 40 Bags in 40 Days here, I posted the link on my Facebook page and discovered that I have lots of company in this quest! If you'd like, please share your successes in the comments below. Day 1 for me was donating books to my local library. Cleared a space in my mud room, where the to-be-donated stuff was accumulating and made a librarian smile. Win-win.

I am going to create a tab at the top of this page so it's easy to find this share your successes and motivate others page. And you can always link to White House Black Shutters (which is where this idea originated, and, oddly enough, describes my house as well) by clicking on 40 Bag in 40 Days wherever it appears in this blog. Ann Marie will be posting good stuff there, and you can widen your circle by joining everyone on that page as well.


  1. I tacked the junk drawer today. I found 2 photos, 1 holy card, a handful of Box Tops for Education, an envelope of Campbell's Soup labels, and all the tiny little screwdrivers we look for every time someone needs to fix a computer. All of those things will go to their proper places. I checked every pen before returning them to the pen basket in the drawer, too!

  2. Go, Barb! I was a little less productive than I'd hoped -- sorting through old papers (which seem to be everywhere) and recycling a respectable stack -- but not a bag's worth. Hoping to top it off with some long overdue shredding that will definitely fill a bag.