Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Power of Pen to Paper

I swear by electronics, especially when it comes to my writing. Not only has my handwriting deteriorated from lack of use and a constant rush to get things onto the page, but I have grown impatient with the amount of time it takes to get words on the page -- especially legibly -- in longhand. And I have even less patience for the process of transcribing them.

But there is nothing like putting pen to paper when it comes to nudging words from a trickle to a flood. And, for some reason, I'm repeatedly surprised by that discovery.

I re-discovered this most recently just two days ago. I had some errands to run, and decided to grab some lunch at a hamburger place while I was out. I had my iPad with me, but it seemed a bit pretentious for the location, so I grabbed the notepad I keep in the driver's side pocket of my car door, pulled my favorite pen out of my purse and walked into the restaurant.

After placing my order, I settled in to write the blog that had been rolling around in my head with my only goal being to finish it before I finished my lunch. As I wrote, new ideas kept popping up, inspiring me to start new pages, new entries, new work....when earlier that day, I'd been stuck for just one topic.

Was it the atmosphere? The change of pace or scenery? Dumb luck? The right pen?

On any day, it could be a combination of any of those things -- or none of them. All I know is that, more often than not, it works. But for some reason, I consistently forget that it does until I find myself somewhere with only a notepad and a pen.

Turns out that what I used in junior high is still all I need to get the ideas flowing.

Imagine that.
My current favorite pen
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