Thursday, January 16, 2014

Small Success Thursday

Way back in October, I heard about something new on Small Success Thursday. As someone who has a tendency to pay more attention to all of the things I didn't get to than to the things I actually accomplished, I thought this was a great idea. Despite the fact that I'm usually an optimistic person, I nevertheless have trouble viewing small successes as a big deal.

But today was different. I finally tackled a succession of phone calls and little to-do items that I'd been avoiding for a while. None of the tasks was particularly difficult, but together, they were easy to avoid. Completing the entire list took less than 15 minutes, but the sense of relief I felt and the pleasure I took at crossing them off my list was liberating. Even better, scheduling appointments involved much less dodging of other obligations than I feared it would.
My daughter now has appointments for her check-up and her flu shot (Yep. Behind the times. But not  focusing on that today!!) I have an appointment to get all those clothes out of my house and to the consignment shop. The catalog return that has to be dropped off at a FedEx location (which my husband found for me two weeks ago) is boxed up and sitting by the door so that I can drop it off after I drop my daughter off at basketball and before I pick up a prescription and incidentals at the drug store and the dollar store. And the final load of laundry will be out of the dryer just a few hours after we consume the dinner bubbling away in the crock pot -- hours sooner than any other night this week.

I feel ten pounds lighter, which begs the question, why did I wait so long?

Not a question to be pondered on Small Success Thursday. The bitterness of regret interferes with the sweet feel of success.


  1. Those are awesome triumphs over minutia. Why'd you wait so long? Because it's minutia, important but details, and you thought it would be a pain. I'm glad you got it done, but I sooooo know about putting off those annoying things that you think will take forever, like paperwork and scheduling.

  2. Thank you, Sherry! Yes, I definitely thought it would be a pain to schedule around school commitments, sports, etc. and every time I thought to take care of it, the office was closed for the day or the weekend. Glad I'm not alone in this procrastination trap!

  3. I love successes like that.
    We are so hard on ourselves and we just need to learn to praise the small... I figure three smalls makes one big... or something like that! ha!