Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Special: The Final Update

It has been a busy week! I started out the week with a post about Facebook Book Launches on Then, both Clarice James and Carole Brown surprised me by posting guest blogs on Wednesday. And (no surprise), they both do nice work!

Next week, I have two more guest blogs coming up. On Monday, my post on friend and fellow author Michelle Weidenbenner will be featured on Jennifer Hallmark's blog, The Most Important Thing, and on Thursday and Friday, you'll find me (and my book) at The Barn Door Book Loft. And, looking ahead to warmer weather, I will be on the radio very early on the morning of June 19, as part of WJTL's "Get Up and Go Show" with Fred and Lisa.

Meanwhile, my book launches Monday! I am beyond excited! If you haven't RSVPed yes to the Facebook Book Launch, just click on over and say yes! You can visit for just a short time, you can drop by in your pjs...or you might just find yourself having so much fun that you stay the whole time!

And, while the actual launch is just the beginning, I'm anxious to get back to more regular posts and fewer promotional posts. So, if you want to know what's going on with my book and what events are in store, click on the Media Room tab on my blog page and scroll down to events, or visit my author page on Facebook. From now on, that's where you'll be able to find updates.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Keep reading to find out what happens next!

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