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Friday Freebie: Stacy Nix

As an author at the beginning of my publication journey, I enjoyed reading about Stacy Nix's path to publication. Stacy was gracious enough to allow me to re-post her recent blog here today. Her novel, Situation Maid, is about Lillie Nelson, "the famous cook for the Reagans" and will be published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

Thanks for joining us today!

Stacy Nix
Writing a book is a wonderful experience, by Stacy Nix
When I mention to someone that I have written a book, and I am getting ready to release it soon, they look at me as if they want to get my autograph. I am so honored and humbled to have had the gift to write.

It goes back many years for me. I didn't just wake up one day and say "I want to become a writer." It is in my blood. It was a true gift from God. I began writing small things. It started for me in about 6th grade. I loved to read and would take a flash light to bed so I could read under the covers. Soon I would take a pencil and paper under the sheets and try to rewrite some of the stories or add on to them.

As years went by and I left college, I was in the work force. The Vietnam War was in full force and everyone was working, going to college or in the service. Young men were drafted at that time.

I wanted to be a War Correspondent, but I didn't have the credentials. I was only 20-something, at the time, and working in a "Trust Department" of a bank. The best I could do at the time was to send cameras and film to Vietnam and get them back and develop the photos. I shared them with the newspapers, but you never knew what they would use and they didn't care about paying you for them. Sometimes I would see similar photos I was developing, in the newspapers, but I really couldn't take the credit for the photos, as I never knew for sure if anyone used them. I didn't really care at the time, as long as the public could see what was going on in the War.

With two soldiers from Vietnam and another lady I wrote a story about the War while listing to the song, by the Hollies, "He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother." Someday I plan on getting that published. It was a beginning for me that kept me writing.
After writing copy for advertising for many companies, and writing my real estate advertisements and real estate newsletters, I worked for Fox News Radio and many other grateful businesses. I decided this was my love. I had creative writing classes in college, among other majors such as psychology, ugh....and experience behind me, so I pursued writing on the side.

In the future I was blessed to meet a magnificent Lady that knew the Reagans. She knew that I had written a screen play about Alzheimer's and took it to Nancy Reagan. After Nancy told her that she liked it, Lillie (my friend) asked me to write a book about her life including the Reagans. That is my baby, Situation Maid.

It takes a long time to do a book. You have your initial drafts, your additions, your deletes, your spelling and grammar and corrections etc. Sometimes it is like moving a mountain to get someone to even look at your work.

After sending out proposals to agents and many rejection letters I was blessed to have been picked up by a wonderful agent. I had to turn down a few offers in the beginning because they didn't feel comfortable to me. I was blessed with my match and my agent matched me up with a wonderful publishing co... A match made in Heaven including an outstanding editor.

So now we are in the last part of our edits and will soon be going to our release period. I have left out so much, so you can fill in the blanks... I only want to encourage anyone that is a writer to keep on with your writing and never give up.

When I sit down to write I never know where it is going to end, just like this article. I almost sit down with my eyes shut and let my fingers do the work. It's a gift I say.....
Thank You for reading. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in your writing adventure.

I must say that I am very blessed by my husband, John, (Elvis's Cousin) He has encouraged me through the years and always blows the horn for me........

I love to help others.

Stacy Nix

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  1. Hello Lisa: What a awesome Blog. I Thank You for
    your article and I have enjoyed reading your other Blogs. I love your bookshelf and I might try one.
    Have a blessed day. I am looking forward to sending out your blog.
    Stacy Nix
    Author, "Situation Maid".