Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taking a Moment

I was headed out of Starbucks and halfway to my car yesterday when I was stopped by the sunshine. Sounds silly, I know, but I was so struck by the beauty of the day that I turned around, walked back and took a seat at the empty table outside the store. 

Inside the store, where I often go to work on projects, it was cool and semi-dark - or cooler and darker than the shaded patio anyway - the aroma of coffee permeating everything. Often, when I leave Starbucks after spending time there writing, the smell permeates me, too - my bag, my clothes, and, if I leave my bag in it for any length of time, my car. The aroma makes me smile, especially when it lingers. I love opening the car door hours later only to be greeted by the distinct fragrance of the beverage I never drink but love to inhale.

On this particular afternoon, in the small sitting area, I'm more interested in what I don't smell, at least for a little while. No one is smoking on the patio - at least not at first - allowing me to enjoy a cross breeze of sorts - the occasional fall breeze carried in on the sunshine and the air conditioning-tinged coffee breeze that travels past me every time someone opens the door.

I have things to do, and I shouldn't be sitting here indulging in fall. I should be moving laundry to the dryer, rehearsing my presentation, thinking about what to make for dinner. And most days, those things would trump this time on the patio, but today, I've decided that if the sunshine called, I should acknowledge it.

And so I do, until the man at the next table starts smoking and the call of work grows too loud to ignore.

Wonder if I can do it on the patio at home.


  1. It's never wrong to ignore the laundry and mundane callings of life to enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Taking time to drink that in is what makes the rest worthwhile.:)

  2. You're so right! I just need to remember that more often!