Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bag Lady Debut

This weekend, I will begin my journey as a bag lady, selling the Thirty-One bags I have been enjoying so much over the past two years. I use the bag lady moniker affectionately - every bit of this experience so far has been positive and encouraging and has exceeded my expectations.

I joined Thirty-one because I love the bags and I love to organize, but also because it is a Christian company. I was hoping for not just some fun accessories and pocket cash, but a shot of positive energy as well. I am at a crossroads in other parts of my life, and despite the fact that I am far from a direct sales kind of girl, this path appealed to me.

And so on Sunday, I will set up my bags (yet another organizer!) at my next door neighbor Julie's house and share them with whoever stops by. No long speeches or heavy duty sales pitches - I've been to enough home parties where I've paged through the catalog looking for something - anything! - in my price range to not want to put anyone else through that. Instead, I will go for a twist on my guest lesson philosophy - where are your organization weak spots, and what do I have that can help? If we can help each other out, great. If not, I'm happy to enjoy the company and the conversation.

And admire the bags I have come to enjoy so much.

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