Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Following My Own Guidelines

So, lately, I've been finding it a bit challenging to abide by my own words. I've been leaning heavily on facts, and letting them weigh me down, and forgetting to put weight on the other side of the scale, the faith side.

It's not that I've stopped believing - far from it - just that I've let the obstacles in my path become stumbling blocks. Instead of looking for a way around them - or, better yet, praying for one - I've stood and analyzed the obstacle. I've tried to make sense of it. Tried to break it up, smash it to smithereens. But it hasn't budged, and the process has left me exhausted. And frustrated.

Last summer, after hearing "Suitcases," I bought a Dara Maclean CD. So lately, in an effort to restore some balance, I've turned to music, which seems to be the most potent form of prayer for me. I popped in Dara's CD and opened my ears and my heart.

And I'm finding solace. And a little balance. Very few facts, very much faith.

I've always asserted that God gave us brains because we were supposed to use them - to take some responsibility for the choices we make. But lately, I find myself standing in front of obstacles trying to determine whether I should rely on that organ, or simply pray for everything I'm worth.

No matter what I do, the plan is out of my hands, and since ignoring either facts or faith does not bode well, I'll keep listening to Dara and trying to strike that balance.


  1. I have a close friend who is really great at reminding me to pray whenever I find myself worrying about something. I'll be pouring out my heart to her and she'll answer with, "Well, have you prayed about this?" And I'm always a bit shocked that I have to respond, "Er, no I guess I forgot about doing that."

    Best of luck to you in striking that balance!

  2. Thanks, Holly! I have a friend like that, too - several, on fact.

    I've also found that I pray best and most deeply through music, so finding a song that resonates often gives me that same nudge.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. Sorry for the delayed response :-(