Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bitten by the Blog Bug

This morning in the shower, the blog bug bit. How long has it been since you posted? The bug buzzed around the shower, nudging me to consciousness faster than a blast of cold water. At least post Lori's next installment.

Tempting. But as much as I enjoy posting guest blogs, I make it a rule never to post two in a row. It was time to make the time to write a post. My own post.

I always struggle with balancing my work as an educator, my work as a writer and my responsibilities as a parent once school starts. I write at work - emails, mostly, but now blogs as well, sharing information about parenting, resources and the classes I teach. Nightly, I struggle to remember chemistry and algebra - not my best subjects even when they were fresh in my mind - as I help my daughter with her homework. Sitting down to a blank computer screen with the remnants of my brain at the end of the day drops to the bottom rung of my priority ladder. I'd much rather play Cityville or watch reruns of Friends.

I'd like to say I'm writing this now because I've found the magical, foolproof solution, but the truth is, I've only found the solution of the day, which is a few minutes at Starbucks between dropping my daughter off at school and heading to work. Past experience tells me this will work for me again throughout the year, but I will also spend evenings at the computer, wrestling with the remnants of my brain. Writing, unfortunately, requires a synergy among the wakefulness, creativity and responsibility, and on different days at different times, a different aspect prevails.

Right now, the responsible part of my brain is telling me to go to work, and so I shall go, switching from my writing hat to my counselor hat.
At least until the blog bug bites again.

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