Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am not a morning person. Never have been. And so for me, one of the beautiful things about summer vacation is being able to not only sleep in, but get up at a leisurely pace. I lie in bed, eyes still closed, saying a few prayers and working out the task list for the day

I woke up this morning knowing I should write and paint today, but having binged on words and home improvement projects over the past few weeks, it took some convincing. It is now nearly 5 pm, and I have done no painting, and very little writing.

Turns out I was in more of an organizing and straightening mood. So, I've done laundry, sorted clothes for consignment, then lugged three bags out of my house and to the consignment shop. I also put away lingering decorations from a few holidays (don't ask) and created lovely open space where piles had been living for longer than I'd care to admit.

In addition, I was a nearly-invisible hostess so my daughter and her friend could hang out, bake and take quizzes in magazines. Consequently, instead of working on projects that required quiet or made messes, I kept busy and (mostly) out of sight, appearing only to make lunch and start dinner.

None of this was planned, yet all of it was necessary. I am writing now, at the table in a dining room that remains in upheaval because the painting is not yet finished, but I have a sense of accomplishment about the things I did get done. And, although I wish the most visible rooms of the house bore evidence of the sorting and cleaning that went on today, it is lovely and restful to see newly clutter-free zones in the bedroom.

To me, today was the embodiment of a vacation day - releasing the tight grip on the to-do list long enough to notice other things that could be done, and taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves. The sink is full of dirty dishes, thanks to this morning's impromptu baking session, but that's a small price to pay for the time the girls had together (especially since my daughter will be washing them:-)

The painting and the writing will be there tomorrow, and the next day as well. And, once it is all finished, it won't matter whether the work was done in consecutive, back-breaking days or in small bites that allowed my daughter and me to have fun in between.

But right now, that matters a great deal.

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