Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Electronics Wars

Since I got my iPad last Christmas, I have been neglecting my Kindle. Not neglecting in the same sense that one would neglect a person, of course. Much as I enjoy my Kindle, I realize that it's an inanimate object without human emotions. Still, I've felt bad about setting it aside. It seemed wasteful to have such a great gadget, but not utilize it.

Then last week, I stumbled upon another way to enjoy it. After an extended, but unintentional hiatus, I finally got myself back to the gym last week. Before I left, I tossed my MP3 player and earbuds into my bag, and then added my Kindle, almost as an afterthought.

Time on the treadmill just flew! I used my MP3 player and my Kindle, alternating between listening to music on my MP3 player and reading the free samples I'd downloaded to my Kindle, but hadn't had time to read. By the time I left the gym, not only had I logged more time on the treadmill than usual, but I'd also checked two or three samples off my reading list. Talk about a sense of accomplishment!

I wondered briefly if this accomplishment, rather than being cause for celebration, was merely another example of how multitasking has invaded all aspects of life, but in the end, I decided that wasn't the case. I have tremendous difficulty finding uninterrupted time to read, and I have even more difficulty making time to go to the gym (three guesses which one I enjoy more). But by the end of that workout session, I felt as though someone had given me a gift. In one short trip, I'd exercised both my body and my mind, and I'd come away refreshed and satisfied.

I think my favorite use of my Kindle remains travel use - taking it to the beach instead of taking a huge stack of books - but using it to read on the treadmill is a close second. My iPad is too big and bulky for this use, and I much prefer reading on the non-glare screen of my Kindle.

I feel so spoiled, having all of these wonderful toys, and I feel a responsibility to use them so they aren't just a ridiculous waste of money. So,when I find a new use for one of them - a justification, perhaps - I am very excited indeed. Spoiled or not, I am well aware of how fortunate I am.


  1. I agree. I feel exactly the same. (And the iPad doesn't work very well out in the sun, but the Kindle does.)

  2. What a wonderful luxury to have both options! Thanks for stopping by!