Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunshine Award (Bet You Thought I Forgot)

Way back in March, my friend and colleague Laurie Edwards honored my blog with a Sunshine Award! For my part, I was to spread the wealth, and honor twelve other blogs with this same award.

I got as far as nine, and took a break. As I said in April, I had my own criteria for this. The main requirement was (and remains) that the blog has to be one I like to read; most often, this is because I enjoy the author's voice. But, because my blog was honored by a fellow author who’s published, but not famous, I’ve tried to narrow the field by honoring blogs by other authors in similar situations as often as possible. In the end, it's totally unscientific, and my favorite way to find these blogs is to stumble upon them.

Which is exactly how I found the latest recipient. Author and speaker James Watkins was kind enough to offer to share his notes on building an online platform with my agent, so that she could share them with her clients. Among the blogs that he cited was one called In the Dailies. I visited to see why it was cited and began scrolling...and kept scrolling...and a new Sunshine Award winner was located!

By my calculation, I have two more of these Sunshine Awards to share, and given the fact that it's summer, and I'm therefore doing an embarrassing amount of surfing the web, I'm sure I'll find them soon.

Till then, in case you're looking for some good summer reading, here's a recap of the first ten:

Cate Masters
Sonflowerz (blog link was broken - this is their web site)
Guide to Literary Agents blog (Chuck Sambuchino)
Write Expressions (Holly Bowne)
Maria V. Snyder
Melanie Snyder
The Cerella Life (Cerella Sechrist)
She Reads
From the Heart (Hartline Literary Agency)

Actually, I already know who my next recipient will be...stay tuned to find out!

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