Thursday, May 20, 2010

PSCA - The Conference Circuit Continues

I am nominating myself for Conference Queen. Hey, I figure I deserve it, attending two conferences in as many weeks!

This week, I'm spending two days (today and tomorrow) at the Pennsylvania School Counselors' Conference. Held in a hotel just a few miles away from the site that hosted the Pennwriters Conference last weekend, the PSCA Conference is also "local," so this time, I'm a commuter.

And, I'm happy to report that being a commuter in no way detracts from the conference experience - at least for me. What I love about conferences is that they are a break from the normal routine, and at this time of year, the normal routine at school is hectic and unpredictable. Exciting in its own right, but much more exhausting than the R & R feel of a conference. Getting away during the day and coming home to my family at night feels like the perfect combination.

In addition to a break from the breakneck pace, conferences provide lots of opportunities for new information and fresh perspectives. Workshops, booths and new faces all put a different spin on the same old same old and leave me feeling refreshed and ready to go out and try new things.

Next week, I return to my regularly-scheduled work week, my conferences concluded. With less than 15 days of school left, there's little that's regular about my work week these days. Fortunately, the boost from the conference will linger, and will give me an extra dose of energy to face what lies ahead, and to come up with new ways to make the next school year fun and exciting.

To paraphrase Judith Viorst, "that's a pretty nice job for a Conference Queen."

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