Thursday, May 13, 2010

Counting Down

This time tomorrow morning, I will be headed to the Pennwriters Conference at the Eden Resort Inn in Lancaster! I'm so excited! Not only is this my first overnight writing conference, but I'm actually staying for the whole thing. I typically split the difference - time at the conference with time with my family, but we've reached the point where my husband and my daughter will be just fine without me...and I've accepted that enough to not need to micromanage them from afar.

Best of all, I am going with my sister, and we are looking forward to a weekend of fun, relaxation and all-writing-all-the-time. Well, most of the time anyway. We're also looking forward to down time at the hotel for a quiet dinner together and a chance to discuss what we're seeing and hearing. And, I'll get the chance to come up with all new blog topics, and perhaps a few more blogs worthy of those last three Sunshine Awards I've been hoarding.

Here's hoping all my readers are looking forward to exhilarating weekends of their own.

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