Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Sunshine

As I offer the third installment of my Sunshine Award blogs, I thought perhaps I should share how I’ve been making my selections.

There are thousands of great blogs out there, many of which I’ve listed on this page. But, in selecting those I personally wish to honor with the Sunshine Award, I’ve been following some specific criteria.

The main requirement is that the blog has to be one I like to read; most often, this is because I enjoy the author's voice. But, because my blog was honored by a fellow author who’s published, but not famous, I’ve tried to narrow the field by honoring blogs by other authors in similar situations. Maria Snyder, one of last week’s Sunshine Award recipients is actually kind of famous – but also an alumna of the writer’s group I attend.

One of this week’s recipients, Chuck Sambuchino, hardly needs this award to draw readers to his blog, but because he offers such great opportunities to those of us who are not yet famous, his blog is one that all up and coming authors should read.

This week, I’ve parted from my all-authors approach to spotlight some other artists whose work is worth a peek. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Until next week’s installment, I hope you enjoy...

Fellow Susquehanna Writer Cate Masters

Sonflowerz Becca and Elissa

Guide to Literary Agents Blog by Chuck Sambuchino


  1. I like how thoughtfully you consider which blogs to award. And I keep forgetting about Chuck Sambuchino's blog!! Thanks for the reminder. :o)

  2. Thank you Lisa!

    Chuck Sambuchino

  3. Holly - I figured I needed to explain why (besides simple procrastination!) it's taking me so long! Still love your blog, btw.

    Chuck - the pleasure is mine. Thank you for the information and the forum you provide.