Saturday, December 19, 2009

Link of the Week: Why Doesn't This Man Have a Website?

As an elementary counselor, I consider Tom Carr's books my go-to resources in many instances. My two favorites are 131 Creative Strategies for Reaching Children With Anger Problems and When All Else Fails: 101 Unique, Last-Resort Strategies, Activities, & Proven Programs for Reaching Difficult Students. Both can be found at Amazon, among other places. Click on Tom Carr's name in the first line of this post to go to an page that's the best comprehensive listing of his books that I've found...along with a few other items that prove how easy it is to confuse a search engine.

And Tom, if by any strange chance you're reading this, please get a web site so we can find you more easily. If you have one, email the link to me, and I'll update your information!

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