Sunday, October 25, 2009

Calendar Catastrophe

Driving to work one day last week, I was lecturing myself about setting priorities and sticking to them. I am, once again, overcommitted, and though I have some idea of how I got here, I'm not sure how to get back.

I have absolutely no trouble identifying big picture priorities - God and family trump work and all the small stuff. But when the small stuff falls from the sky like a torrential downpour, I begin to drown in the minutiae. And somewhere around the time I realize I'm furiously treading water, I decide I need to make a change.

And so I start to examine the commitments I have made, trying to decide if I'm truly overcommitted or just temporarily overwhelmed. Last week, someone in my family had someplace to be every single evening - and some nights, we had multiple commitments. That's definitely overbooked.

But this week looks better...sort of. I was thinking we'd have one free evening until I remembered a meeting my husband wanted us to attend. And when I examine our calendar, everything on it is important to someone in this house. Nothing is simply a placeholder.

So, I suppose the change I'll need to make is internal. If all of these things are important enough to be on the calendar, then I need to approach them with enthusiasm. And if I can't? Then perhaps I have an answer to what should stay and what should go.

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