My Favorite Posts

There are so many great blogs out there that I have trouble keeping up with all of the blogs I want to read, so I always love it when someone tweets a link to something good. This page lists some of my favorite posts from this blog along with posts from other sites I've really enjoyed.

Happy reading!

From The Porch Swing Chronicles: Redefining the Shameless Art of Self-Promotion

From The Susquehanna Writers Blog: Goldilocks Goes to the Library

From The Porch Swing Chronicles: The Impermanence of Goodbye

From Jane Friedman's Blog: Better Than Fall Back: The Small Press Option by Shirley Showalter

From Go Forth by Victoria Garaitonandia Gisondi

From Some Mad Hope by Heidi Willis: Life After MFA

From The Porch Swing Chronicles: The Quest for an Expression of Affection

From The Porch Swing Chronicles: Quacking Ducks and Leaps of Faith

From The Porch Swing Chronicles: Ribbons

From The Porch Swing Chronicles: Writer, Interrupted

From The Porch Swing Chronicles: Two Roads

From Advanced Fiction Writing by Randy Ingermanson: How to Spot a Predatory Publisher

From WITF's Community Blog, Six Children and No Theories: Back-to-School -- Already?

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