Monday, June 6, 2016

Muddling Through Monday

Today is a muddled kind of Monday. Celebration aftereffects have co-mingled with reality and the burgeoning independence of my newly minted graduate to create a mental morass that makes it hard to focus on a topic, let alone write about one.

Then I remember. Writers don't need to be constrained by anything as mundane and inconvenient as reality. If today is too confusing, too upsetting, too overwhelming, I merely need to leave it behind and enter the world of my characters. Doing so is hard work, and the on-ramp to this world is often uphill, but writing is also a vacation of sorts; it's a way to leave behind the puzzling pieces of the real world and weave a world of my own choosing where I am the master of what occurs. At least until my characters step in to voice their opinions.

Speaking of which, my characters will be doing the talking right here, beginning this Wednesday as I kick off a new feature where I interview some of the players from Casting the First Stone and Chasing a Second Chance. I've spoken with a few of them already (yes, I know how that sounds), so I have a few interviews ready to go, but I'm also happy to take requests, as I'm subjecting all of them to the same interview process.

Also, if you're looking for some fun summer reads, I hope you'll visit The Beach Reads Bonanza, a Facebook party which kicks off tomorrow at noon CST (1 PM ET). I'm up first, hosting from 1-1:30 or so, and will be followed by a flood of authors chatting and sharing book information. There will be games, prizes and great titles to add to your summer wish list, so I hope you'll stop by :-) The Beach Reads Bonanza runs through Monday, June 13.

And now, back to reality...or not. I hear it's overrated.

Photo: Pippalou via Morguefile

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