Monday, November 9, 2020

Getting Back on the Writing Track

Last week was a great writing week. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I went to the first meeting of a new virtual writing group, which infused me with some much-needed creative energy. Knowing I needed to set public goals, I spent time after the meeting going through the project that's at the top of my list  -- the final Marita/Angel/Charli book -- and discovered I was much closer to the end of the read-through than I realized.

Goal set. 

Then, on Friday, I met (virtually) with my writing accountability partner and dug in. I got more than halfway there and, on Saturday, I finished the read through, achieving this week's goal. Woo hoo!

Between my Friday writing session and my Saturday writing session, I got an email sharing the news posted at the top of this blog. Know Thyself took third place in the Angel Awards, announced at the Faith and Fellowship Book Festival.

What a week!

There are two weeks left in the semester, so it's a wonderful time for my writing momentum to be building. Despite more time at home than ever, I've been struggling to get words on the page, mostly because I've failed to make it a priority. Yes, I've been tired and the well of creativity has been drained faster than usual by the demands of creating and teaching in a hybrid format but, if I could make progress last week, then progress is possible. 

It's all too easy to let things slide when you're the only one who knows they're sliding. The combination of my writers' group, my accountability partner and my new virtual writing group is exactly what I need right now to make sure I'm hitting the ground running when the semester ends and writing time actually materializes.

And the award isn't bad either. :-)

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