Monday, November 16, 2020

A Few of my Favorite Things

Alexas Fotos via Pixabay
Christmas shopping this year promises to be different. After all that we've been through, the thought of celebrating sounds wonderful. And, for me, so does the thought of keeping some small and/or local businesses in the black.

In keeping with that idea, for the next few weeks, I'll be sharing a few of my favorite things and the places you can find them. Today, I've got one online item, one bookstore and a store I love at the beach.

Nika's Home soy candle. I bought one of their vanilla bean candles two years ago, and I haven't bought a candle from anyone else since. After reading about the benefits of soy candles over paraffin (including the fact that they just smell better), I went in search of soy and I have not been the least bit disappointed in these. (Also available through Amazon).

The Caffeinated Bookworm. This little bookstore, previously tucked away in a shopping center in Centerville, PA, hosted me for a signing last year, before COVID. Tonight, when I went to double-check their info for this post, I discovered that they took a hit with all that's been going on. Luckily, they simply changed locations, and still have both books (new and used) and the drawing materials and fun stuff Lisa includes in her inventory. Nowhere near the new store in Lancaster, PA? Order online.

Blue Room Gallery & Gift Shop. This fun little shop is one of my favorite browsing spots at the beach. Can't get to Bethany Beach to browse in person? Shop online and they'll ship your order to you. 

I love shopping for gifts, and I'm especially excited to shop for a good cause this year so my favorite businesses will still be around in 2021 when we can, I hope, celebrate the holidays the way we used to.

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