Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Showing Up

It's always fun to see my work pop up in new places. Sometimes, I get busy and forget I've submitted it in the first place. Other times, an article that appeared in one spot pops up in another when I wasn't expecting  it to.

Both happened within the past week.

A post from last March ("4 Reasons to Love Arguments in Fiction") was part of Carnival of the Indies. I found out when Joel Friedlander retweeted my post the other day. 

Last week, an editor I work with regularly emailed me to let me know that one of my articles that had appeared in their back-to-school issue was being featured on their Facebook page.

It's been a challenging six months, for so many reasons. It's nice to get a reminder from time to time that I am a writer.

More story next week. 

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