Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday Feature: Smiles and Confidence

When I worked as a counselor, I had a smile file. A simple file folder filled with thank you notes, pictures from students and things that made me smile, it stayed tucked in my file drawer for those days when I needed it. For me, it was a mood booster on those days where things weren't going well. It reminded me of the times when things had gone right and helped me to believe things would go right again.

As I read this article in Fast Company by my friend Gwen Moran, her advice to "remind yourself how awesome you are" brought my smile file to mind. I thought of the contents of that file as a way to bring some light into a drab or disheartening day but, as Gwen points out, its contents could also be a source of confidence, and a means of overcoming our anxieties. When we're in the midst of a day where it feels as though nothing is going right, it's great to have a way to remind ourselves of the times when things did.

Need some suggestions for boosting your confidence when nerves threaten to take over? Gwen's article is a quick read, but offers great advice.

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