Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Lisa by the Numbers

Alicja via Pixabay
I'm not a very numbers-oriented person. Today, however, as I was puzzling over what to write about, I happened to come across the number of blog posts I've written since I moved my blog here from Typepad in May 2009. That got me started thinking about other significant numbers in my life, so I thought I'd try a Lisa by the Numbers Post.

So here, in no particular order, are some fun facts about me.

Number of blog posts published on Blogger: 1346 posts here, 498 at Organizing by STYLE

Number of years writing for publication: 26

Number of books published: 4, with #5 due out in June and #6 hopefully later this year as well. Contributor to 3.

Number of years as an educator: 33. 34 if you count community education.

Number of years as a NJ resident: 17

Number of years as a PA resident: Counting college? 40. Still a Jersey girl, though, even if the numbers don't bear that out.

Number of times married: 1

Number of years married: 25.5 yesterday

Number of children: 1 biological, countless students I still claim as "mine"

Number of books in my to-be-read pile: The pile is taller than I am.

Number of emails in my personal inbox: 3981, which is 200 less than yesterday at this time

Number of vegetables I will actually eat: 2 (broccoli and carrots)

Number of houses I've lived in: 6, plus 8 apartments and 5 dorm rooms

Number of siblings: 1 sister, also a writer.

Number of days until my birthday: 132

I'm out. What else do you want to know?

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