Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Feature: What Should I Wear?

What I've been reading today is student papers -- lots of them. And, since the last seven were on the topic of neglect in childhood, I was looking for a fun read for this post.

This week, over at Organizing by STYLE, I've been writing about closets and clothing, so I suppose it's no surprise that I lit on an article about the messages our clothing sends in the work setting. In his piece in Fast Company, Jared Lindzon suggests colors to choose for everything from group work to performance evaluations based on the messages they send.

It was an interesting piece, one I chose for the lightheartedness of the topic as much as its practicality. In addition, I have some presentations coming up and wondered what (besides cleanliness and color coordination) I might want to take into consideration as I selected my outfit.

Lindzon opens his article by saying the following:
"When it comes to color, most people fall into one of two camps; those who use their clothing to express themselves, and those who couldn’t care less."
Which one are you?

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